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About Autumn Creek Aussies

Delivering Healthy Puppies

We have Mini and Standard Australian Shepherd puppies for Aussie lovers. We nurture and safeguard our quality Aussie breed that occupy a cherished corner within our hearts.

Ethical Breeding Vow

We don’t support or engage in the practices of puppy mills. Instead, we proudly present you with healthy Australian shepherd pups nurtured with our love and compassion.

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Responsibly and Carefully Nurtured

We employ standard puppy protocols, ethical and responsible breeding methods, and safety measures. We do this to ensure you have a lifelong bond with our loving Australian Shepherds.

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How Do We Work?

Secure Your Pup

When you’ve found the one, let us know either through our website or by calling us. We'll secure your pet!

Complete Payment & Schedule Pickup

Make your payment through our website safely, and then I will provide you with the pick-up details.

Why Autumn Creek Aussies?

I make choosing your Aussie pup effortless from beginning to end.  I’m always at your disposal to guide you at every stage.  Have questions? No worries!

Puppy Health Guarantee: Our Promise to Pup Health

Puppy Protection Plan

We elevate your ease by providing each pup with the AKC Puppy Protection Package.

What Are Our Affiliations?

Autumn Creek Aussies is affiliated with the leading and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs, The American Kennel Club, and a dedicated platform to protecting Australian shepherds, The International Miniature Australian Shepherd Club. With honor in our hearts, we dedicate our service to delivering quality pups, keeping the highest industry benchmarks.