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Autumn Creek Aussies

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Our Puppy Protection Plan

What Is It, Exactly?

Our Protection Plan

For your convenience, we will provide each pup with the AKC Puppy Protection Package which includes over a $277 value of useful resources for you and your puppy:

• $30 AKC Registration of your puppy in your name.

• $30 Transfer of Microchip into your name with Lifetime enrollment in AKC Pet Recovery Service.

• $45 Microchip & Implantation.

• $55 Complimentary first office visit to any Veterinarian within the AKC Veterinary Network.

• $23 One-year subscription to The Family Dog Magazine.

• $4 New Puppy Handbook.

• $80 Lifetime help training your puppy with the AKC Good Dog Help Line.

• $10 Training DVD.

Why Is This a Great Deal?

For starters, our competition charges at least $75 for microchipping alone, not to mention the first vet visit. With Autumn Creek Aussies, you get all the value-added resources for less than those two items. We are confident you will absolutely love the AKC Good Dog Help Line —we have had many new puppy parents tell us how helpful it is in their new pup journey.

• Your pup will have a microchip - the number of the chip must be directly linked to you so if your puppy is lost, you can be contacted to pick up your puppy. This is done by enrolling the microchip number in a recovery service with AKC.

• AKC-enrolled microchip provides you with peace of mind that your puppy is protected for their lifetime with NO ANNUAL FEES. Their toll-free number assures you that they are available 24/7 to help your puppy return home to you.

• When your puppy is enrolled in the Lost and Found program, you can update your phone and address as many times as you want with no fees (unlike other programs). You also get a collar tag with the AKC Lost and Found 1-800 number for your puppy. If your puppy is ever lost or stolen, the price of this package and registering the microchip will seem like the best investment you’ve ever made.

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Puppy Protection Plan

For your convenience, we will provide each pup with the AKC Puppy Protection Package.